Rating Method

Focus on your charity's governance and social impact

At The Impact Suite, we help charities and not-for-profit organisations continue to do business better.

We do this by helping you demonstrate how sustainable and effective your organisation is with our proprietary Social Impact Rating.

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The Impact Suite's proprietary Social Impact Rating is only for Australian Charities and other social impact organisations. We have extensively researched and consider 5 key factors important to an organisation's sustainability and effectiveness in order for them to make a difference in our community.

The Impact Suite’s Social Impact Rating summarises the social impact and governance standard for your organisation. This helps charities move from sole benchmark measures like administrative expense ratios, which doesn’t ordinarily reflect an organisation’s activities or impact. Instead, The Social Impact Rating gives donors and community confidence that your organisation has good governance standards and social impact measures to make a difference and impact.

Having your Australian charity rated helps your organisation stand out from the crowd of Australia’s 57,000+ charities, providing an important snapshot to donors & stakeholders about your organisation’s corporate governance, impact, and transparency.  Displaying a charity's rating demonstrates a charity's commitment to this. Making greater impact in our community should be the objective of all good organisations, and this is something we seek to enable and share. The Lotus flower symbolises rebirth and is considered most beautiful and pure. The Impact Suite has taken the symbolism of this flower and used it as a vital measure of an organisation’s sustainability with each petal representing the 5 key success factors - Purpose, People, Process, Impact, and Review. The Social Impact Rating helps anyone instantly identify good organisations.

The Social Impact Rating helps anyone instantly identify good organisation with a qualitative rating illustrated by the petals.

More on Australian Charity Ratings

Through deep research we have reviewed ISO 26000 and Environment, Social, & Governance (ESG) factors which are heavily relied on in certain sectors, and considered Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) factors which can be a subset of ESG. Essentially for the Social Impact Rating, this comes down to 5 key factors centred around; • Purpose • People • Process • Impact • & Review

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