Our vision for enabling all and making a greater impact

The Impact Suite's mission is to help charities and not-for-profits continue to do business better.

We founded The Impact Suite with a view that all social impact organisations irrespective of their location or size should have access to the best experts and ideas in order to maximise their impact for our community. Too many organisations struggle with limited resources, meanwhile stakeholders and donors tend to focus on simple measures like 'administrative expenses' while missing the value of impact. With founders from all aspects within the sector including charity founders, board/committee members, consultants, technology developers, and analysts - we have developed a proprietary Social Impact Rating which focuses on governance aspects and social impact of Australian charities. This helps donors and stakeholders easily identify organisations that are committed to being effective and sustainable in our community.

Peta Tilse M App Fin, SF Finsia

Passionate about leveling the playing field for all charities, irrespective of whether they are located in major capital cities or rural and remote regions.
Adviser to charities for over 25 years on both governance and investment aspects. Experienced Board Member.

Darren Howlin MBA, Grad Dip App Fin

This Impact Suite allows charities and not-for-profits to demonstrate to donors that their organisation has a clear purpose and that they undertake related impact activities.
Advisor to charities and NFPs governance & investment committees for over 20 years.

Dominique Layt MBA, GAICD, CMgr AFIML, F Finsia, CDec

I know how important it is to get frameworks right from the start in order to maximise impact.
An executive leader for ASX 20 companies with a focus on Risk Management, Governance, Strategy, Customer Insights and Experience. Experienced Chairperson and committee member of charities.

Connah Cutbush B Sc

I’ve worked with numerous charities over the years, and each diverge on how they use and spend on technology. I see technology as an enabler, reducing time spent on menial tasks, so people can focus on more important issues.
Experienced big data analyst, developing systems for charities to measure and report on impact.

Chris Eigeland B Law (Hons 1)

The Impact Suite aims to assist charities in increasing their effectiveness in the areas they care about most. Passionate about Social Justice; Founder of The Schoolbag Charity, Australia's Youth United Nations Ambassador, International Associate at the Constitutional Court of South Africa (Human Rights), and co-founder of eductech Go1.

Michelle Rolender B Bus Banking & Finance, AFMA Accred

I am a big believer in sharing ideas to enable and create a better world.
Been advising charities and NFPs for most of her career both in Australia and in the UK. An experienced Chair and Board member.

Kevin Kan M Eng, M Fin & IT, B Sc, CFA

The platform will help ethical charities build trust with donors, clearing the pathway to relationships that can improve the world and create greater impact. Developer of Artificial Intelligence and UX guru.