The Social Impact Rating

What is the Social Impact Rating?
The Social Impact Rating helps  your organisation demonstrate its commitment to good governance and sustainability principals. In obtaining your rating, we consider 5 sustainability factors and your response. The Social Impact Rating helps you elevate your organisation and communicate with new and existing donors, as well as other stakeholders such as potential clients to any goods or services you provide as part of your purpose.
What are the sustainability factors?
In considering an organisation's sustainability, we look at the following factors; purpose, people, process, impact and review of the organisation.
Measuring an organisation's effectiveness
Rather than looking purely at administrative expenses, we consider an organisation's total revenue mix and all staffing at a high level to deliver its stated purpose.

This measure should always be considered in light of an organisation's purpose, their impact statement, and how they measure impact.
Can I update my organisation's details?
Yes! Send us an email to info@theimpactsuite.com including your organisation’s ABN. If your logo isn’t showing, please attach a jpg version in the email.
How is The Impact Suite funded?
Founder investment and government grants. We could see a trust gap in the sector which is easily solved with technology. We want to enable organisations and make a greater impact. In due course we may raise more capital soon to deliver more on our platform.
Where is my organisation's information sourced?
We have used a combination of public and proprietary data. For instance, some of the information comes from your filings with the ACNC.
Is The Impact Suite a not-for-profit organisation?
The Impact Suite is a profit-for-purpose organisation. Our purpose is to bridge the trust gap in the philanthropic sector by comparing, supporting and enabling impact.
Is the The Impact Suite looking for Partners?
We are a young organisation and always looking at ways we can help bridge the trust gap. If your organisation would like to see certain information or become a partner, just contact us.
How can I maximise my organisation's profile?

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