Are you a charity?

At The Impact Suite, we help charities and not-for-profit organisations continue to do business better.

We do this by helping you demonstrate how sustainable and effective your organisation is with our proprietary Social Impact Rating.

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Your Social Impact Rating helps your donors and stakeholders easily identify your good governance and the impact your deliver in our community. It takes the heartache and pain away from the "administrative expense" ratio, and instead focuses on what you do. To find out more about Social Impact Ratings, see here.

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Bridging the gap between being a charity and an effective business is a difficult task for any charitable organisation.

Donors want certainty, and want to know that their money will be allocated responsibly, by people with enough relevant experience to make their philanthropic efforts effective.

In other words, they want an organisation that can demonstrate its own stability. From the Board, to financial allocation and hiring processes; donors are not just giving to a cause they believe in, but to an organisation they can trust.

The Impact Suite allows charities to demonstrate their compliance to Best Practice methodology through creating a transparent set of guidelines and requirements. When there is less confusion, donors feel more confident and conversations with charities are focused where they should be – on the good that is being done by your organisation.