Top Tech Jobs to Help You Thrive During Covid-19

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Artur Meyster, Founder of Career Karma shares his thoughts on tech job wins...

The pandemic has had a huge impact on the nation’s workforce. Many people have lost their jobs as businesses have shut down. However, companies are leaning on tech professionals and remote workers to push ahead. As isolation isn’t a barrier, they are helping companies survive.

The pandemic accelerated the pace of digital transition, and employers' demands have increased. Getting a new job has become more challenging, and many jobless people are struggling to get hired. If you're looking for alternatives  to traditional employment, here are some jobs that will help you become more appealing to employers.

Software Engineer

A software engineer is responsible for developing solutions for customers' and employer’s needs. They have to improve the quality of a system by identifying patterns and issues. They will then analyse and make recommendations to improve procedures and applications.

Nowadays, the demand for engineers is increasing. They are an indispensable part of a company, and employers are compensating the job accordingly. In 2020, a software engineer can earn an average of $92,000 per year. Companies like Google are going even further, offering the most skilled candidates six-figure salaries.

If you're looking to go big, then you should become a software engineer. The road can be challenging, but in terms of the salary, you will have no regrets. Flatiron School is among the best coding bootcamps in the US. The company offers many courses to help aspiring engineers hone their skills. Their software engineering course is available online as well as in-person. So, no matter how busy your schedule is, you have no excuse not to learn.

Over 20 weeks, participants will develop more than just coding skills. They will also learn how to think and build like a professional. They will gain an understanding of how software is designed and managed. Then, they'll be able to analyse procedures and provide better results for a company. During the program, students will create a portfolio that they will later use during interviews. This will show their actual abilities in a way that will appeal to potential employers.

JavaScript Developer

During the pandemic, websites have found new ways to attract and retain customers. They have helped companies improve products and provide better services. Today, every company has a website and employers are on the hunt for candidates with JavaScript skills. 

JavaScript is an excellent programming tool for beginners. It's easy to learn and will help you become full-stack developers over time. JavaScript is also a way for developers to save time on coding. By using JS frameworks, they can focus on design instead of coding. Many developers use JS to build dynamic websites and help companies better engage with customers.

With JavaScript, you can work remotely. You only need an Internet connection and a laptop to do your duty. When it comes to learning JavaScript, enrolling in a vocational school like Springboard will be your best option.

All of Springboard's courses are available online and the company provides one-on-one mentorship to help you launch your tech career. At Springboard, you'll develop job-ready skills in less than nine months. Once you finish, overcoming unemployment during the pandemic will no longer be a hurdle.

Data Scientist

Data is becoming the most valuable resource in the world, and it's helping companies take their products to a whole new level. In 2020, the demand for data scientists increased significantly because they are playing an important role in companies’ success. They analyse and interpret collected data to create insights and help companies make better business decisions. However, dealing with data can be time-consuming so they often use machine learning algorithms to save time and make more accurate predictions.

Python is a powerful programming tool used by data scientists and data analysts. Because of its versatility, it is excellent for analysing and interpreting data. For that reason, many employers are looking for python-skilled candidates. Thinkful's coding bootcamp offers several programs in data science. Whether you're hoping to become a data scientist or a data analyst, you will certainly need Python skills.

Thinkful is committed to its students' success, so the company provides students with a career support team in each course and you will be taught by experienced tutors. Thinkful's courses range from $4,500 to $18,500. If you find the price prohibitive, the company provides many financing options to reduce the financial burden.  

Java Developer

Java developers are among the most in-demand these days. Because of the Internet of Things (IoT), companies need to hire the most skilled Java developers in order to progress. Mobile apps are making our lives much more comfortable, and smartphones are becoming indispensable. For example, during the pandemic, mobile apps like Amazon and Walmart have helped customers shop for groceries. But, the IoT’s potential is even greater, and companies are leaning on tech professionals to innovate the market.

In the US, a Java developer can earn an average of $79,137 per year. Many companies are even providing Java developers with perks like paid parental leave and on-site benefits. Google, for example, offers on-site gym classes and spa sessions.

To learn Java, you can enrol in General Assembly's Coding bootcamp and become an Android Developer. Their android development program will allow you to learn by building real mobile apps. Given that, you'll learn the fundamental knowledge to stand out from the competition. During the program, you'll also build a portfolio to show employers your skills.


These job alternatives will increase not only your chances of getting employed, but can also improve your lifestyle. Learning new tech skills is a great way to remain competitive and meet employers' requirements. As these skills prepare you for future challenges, you will no longer be worried about thriving during the pandemic.