The National Disability Conference Initiative Grants Open

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The Australian Government  has announced its latest rounds of grants with this one closing on 7th January 2020.

It is now inviting applications in an open competitive process to apply to deliver services under Outcome 3.1 Disability, Mental Health and Carers program: National Disability Conference Initiative (NDCI) in 2020-21.

The Disability, Mental Health and Carers program provides support and community-based initiatives for people with disability or mental illness and for carers so they can develop their capabilities and actively participate in community and economic life.

The objective of this grant opportunity is to provide grants to conference organisers to help people with disability participate in nationally-focused, disability-related, conferences held in Australia. Grants will support eligible conference organisers to provide accessibility measures that will maximise the inclusion and participation of people with disability at their conference.

The intended outcomes of this grant opportunity that are expected to be achieved by funding conference organisers are:

  • people with disability are provided with greater opportunities to participate in all areas of Australian life by assisting them and their carers with the costs of attending disability related conferences that might otherwise be inaccessible to them
  • greater participation and inclusion of people with disability at nationally-focused, disability-related conferences held in Australia.


More information about the Disability, Mental Health and Carers: National Disability Conference Initiative, as well as requirements for applicants, can be found in the following grant opportunity documents:

  • Grant Opportunity Guidelines
  • Questions and answers
  • Draft Letter of Agreement