Bushfire relief charities named for Fire and Emergency


People have been contacting the Prime Minister’s Office to find out other charities they can donate to. The Office has released an updated list of charities that can assist in the bushfire recovery effort.

Each of the charities named are DGR- Endorsed (Deductible Gift Recipient), which means donors may be able to claim a tax-deduction for their donation.

They have broken the list down into the following categories;

  • National Reach
  • Fire & Emergency
  • Health & Welfare
  • Rebuilding
  • Animal Welfare.

The following charities are listed under Fire & Emergency;


The Trustee For NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund

The Trustee For Country Fire Authority & Brigades Donations Fund (Victoria)

The Trustee for Community Enterprise Foundation (Victorian Bushfire Disaster Appeal)

Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland operates the Rural Fire Brigades Association Public Fund

NSW Volunteer Rescue Association

The Impact Suite Link

The Impact Suite has dedicated pages and information about these organisations, allowing you to understand what they do, and compare details on these charities.