A Roadmap for Effective Philanthropy

For charities to have a meaningful impact, they need to instil trust in those who would support their efforts. But with limited resources available, a well-meaning charity may exclude organisational issues to focus their efforts on accomplishing the goals that their organisation was created for in the first place. As a result, areas such as corporate governance, the creation of measurable data and gender and racial diversity are de-prioritised.

People want to give, but without evidence of a stable and well-run organisation, they look elsewhere or they focus on things like "administrative expenses" instead of outcomes.
The Impact Suite exists to fix this problem.

Our system helps charities understand 'best practice' in their sector. We provide an easy to understand and simple to implement process that enables organisations to demonstrate, through quantifiable data and accreditation, why they are a good option for donors.

Break down the barriers and get your charity rated

The Impact Suite's Lotus Rating summarises the social impact and governance standard for your organisation.With your Lotus Rating, you are helping to build the standard for social impact organisations.

We seek to help those who are helping others through providing a smooth journey from enquiry to donation.


Our Team


This Impact Suite will allow charities and not-for-profits to demonstrate to donors that their organisation has a clear purpose and that they deploy their resources appropriately.

Darren Howlin, Co-founder

The Impact Suite aims to assist charities in increasing their effectiveness in the areas they care about most..

Chris Eigeland, Co-founder

We see The Impact Suite as providing a scalable solution for all charities to use, to help bring governance standards up to best practice, and provide greater transparency for donors.

Peta Tilse, Co-founder

The platform will help ethical charities build trust with donors, clearing the pathway to relationships that can improve the world and create greater impact.

Kevin Kan, Co-founder

The Impact Suite aims to help donors navigate the maze of different charities and shine a light on individual charities to assist donors in making better decisions.

Sandra McCullagh

I’ve worked with numerous charities over the years, and each diverge on how they use and spend on technology. The Impact Suite helps improve communication and lift the standard for the sector overall; irrespective if you are the little guy or the big end of town.

Connah Cutbush, Co-founder