Sustainability & Effectiveness

Making greater impact should be the objective of all good organisations, and this is something we seek to enable and share.

The Lotus flower symbolises rebirth and is considered most beautiful and pure. The Impact Suite has taken the symbolism of this flower and used it as a vital measure of an organisation’s sustainability.


Through deep research we have looked at what is at the core for organisations in their attainment of sustainability and effectiveness. We have reviewed Environment, Social, & Governance (ESG) factors which are heavily relied on in certain sectors, and considered Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) factors which can be a subset of ESG.


Through Diversity, we aim to help charities understand the types of people who would best contribute to their organisation at board level. We allocate a score based on a number of measures, including background, age and community interests. 

Essentially for the Lotus Rating, this comes down to 5 key factors centred around; • Purpose • People • Process • Impact • & Review


Each petal on the Lotus Rating represents one of these core factors of organisational sustainability. The more colours that light up, the more sustainable your charity or not-for-profit organisation is.