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Australia lost 2864 people to suicide in 2014. This reflects an incease in the suicide rate to 12 people per 100,000 population Ð the highest since a national peak in 1997. Year on year we are seeing increasing demand for our 13 11 14 crisis line and online Crisis Support Chat service as we endeavou..Read more r to help as many Australians in crisis as possible.The demand placed on Lifeline's service was unprecedented in FY16. 975,144 calls were made to our 13 11 14 service with 831,744 of those answered. Lifeline's online Crisis Support Chat service engaged in 40,878 conversations with Australians in need, and is likely to only increase. The beating heart of Lifeline is, and always will be, our dedicated volunteers. Our volunteer base has grown to over 11,000 people engaged through Lifeline's member organisations. Lifeline is only able to provide such a wide range of services due to the time and skills donated by hundreds of volunteers across Australia everyday.This year, Lifeline Australia and Show less
Name Lifeline Australia
ABN 84081031263
Date Established 01/01/1962
Main Activity Mental health and crisis intervention
Other Beneficiaries General community in Australia
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Brogden John - Chairperson