Our purpose

The St Vincent de Paul Society is a lay Catholic organisation working towards a more just and compassionate society. We do this by making submissions to government and working to advocate for those less fortunate.
Name St Vincent De Paul Society National Council Of Australia Incorporated
ABN 50748098845
Date Established 01/01/2010
Main Activity Advocacy and civic activities
Other Beneficiaries Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
our deductible gift recipient funds ST VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY NATIONAL COUNCIL OF AUS, Item 1
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Our Responsible Persons and Directors

Innes Dennis - Board Member

Gurr Fay - Board Member

Demissie Gladys - Board Member

Feint John - Board Member

Mcmahon Kevin - Board Member

Gaetani Mark - Board Member

Ryan Maurice - Board Member

Wallis Patrick - Board Member

Trezise Paul - Treasurer

Erlandsen Ryan - Secretary

Fulton Warwick - Deputy Chairperson

Victory Claire - Chairperson

Walsh Denis - Board Member