When approached for a donation by a charity, does a voice in your head say, “I wonder how much actually goes to the cause?”

Well, you’re not alone. The Charities Aid Foundation World Giving Index 2018 revealed that Australia has slipped out of the top five giving countries overall and has dropped 10 per cent, from 3rd to 9th place, in terms of donating money.

The Impact Suite Co-founder, Darren Howlin, said that the issue stems from the myths about giving and the worth of giving.

“Most Australians are in a position where they could donate money to a charitable cause, by forgoing some luxuries,” Darren said.

“The problem is not that “Australians are doing it tough”- it is the myths out there about charitable giving.

Darren said that charity brand clutter and relentless negative media coverage has resulted in a lack of trust and confidence in the sector.

“There are now more than 56,450 registered charities in Australia, competing for the public’s charitable dollar,” Darren said.

“The sector is also up against the misguided belief that charities should have minimal or no fundraising costs.

 “Society assumes a charity is efficient if it keeps overhead expenses low and gives as much donated money as possible straight to the cause.

“However, we need to start questioning the impact a charity is making rather than its dollar contribution,” he said.

Darren said that Australians have a long way to go to really understand giving and how important it is.

“Politicians and the media are focussing on the negatives of giving and people are listening.  

“This is hard to counter because the media is not interested in hearing the good.

“Giving is not about the money,” says Darren. “Giving is about being part of a community that you want to contribute to and help build so that everyone in that community can benefit, and that's the impact.

The Impact Suite is an online platform which allows people to measure and compare charities.

“The Impact Suite can ensure your donation makes the greatest impact for your desired cause, taking into account five key factors: purpose, people, process, impact and review,” Darren said. 

Visit www.theimpactsuite.com.au and donate with certainty today.