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Women & Change have $50,000 to grant

$50,000 is available to charities from the Women & Change Giving Circle. Since 2014 Women & Change has gifted more than $250,000 to local charities making real change in Queensland.

Defining your social impact

Charities and not-for-profit organisations are busy in our community filling the gaps governments and companies miss. In order for these organisations to continue to exist, they need to maintain funding and financial viability. They also need to show outcomes and measureable results (impact).

Impact is a thing of Beauty

There are many organisations, individuals, thought leaders and people working with charities trying to create a social impact measure. This is to succinctly measure the worth of a charity’s services.

Drought relief: How to make an impact?

As the severity of the drought starts to hit home with the wider Australian population, more Australians are raising their hand to help our farmers.

ASX200 increasing Diversity

The AICD has released their March-May 2018 Quarterly Report. It shows an encouraging female appointment rate of 49%. Having said that, May was a cause for concern with a drop in female appointment. Since this time last year, there now remains only 5 boards on the ASX 200 with no women, this is down from 13.