The AICD has released their March-May 2018 Quarterly Report. It shows an encouraging female appointment rate of 49%. Having said that, May was a cause for concern with a drop in female appointment. Since this time last year, there now remains only 5 boards on the ASX 200 with no women, this is down from 13.

Interesting statistics from the latest report include:

  • 27.7% female directors across the ASX 200 as at 31 May 2018.
  • 30% female directors across the ASX 100, 30.2% across the ASX 50, 30.2% across the ASX 20
  • 60 boards have only one female director
  • 84 companies on the ASX 200 have met the 30% target (up from 74 last quarter)
  • Appointment rate for 2018 YTD is at 49% (47 women v 49 men)

Mr McCann AM said his personal experience across a variety of sectors supported research showing the benefits of achieving a critical mass of female directors. However, he noted a “laissez-faire approach” will not overcome the obstacles which prevent talented women from obtaining leadership roles. “Only after 10 years of effort from the AICD, Chief Executive Women, the Male Champions of Change and the 30% Club, is Australia achieving significant female representation on ASX 200 boards,” he said.

ASA CEO Judith Fox said the research was clear that greater gender diversity on boards delivered better outcomes for shareholders. “Boards need to be capable of challenging assumptions and offering different viewpoints, and having diverse voices around the table encourages this.”